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Meet the ambassador artist

PAN mei chen
Pan Mei Chen totality in supporting this charity concert.
Pan Mei Chen is a Taiwanese pop star. Her recording career started in 1987, and she has produced many albums over the years. Her talents range from songwriting to playing various instruments to performing. She has also appeared in many music videos. She is popular not only in her native country but in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Chinese communities in Singapore, Malaysia, and other parts of Southeast Asia. Although she is very well known but she still has a concern for the children who are less fortunate. It is indicated by her contributions and totality in supporting this charity concert.

Joanna Moon
Performed many shows for charity events
Joanna Moon, from Poland, had started her career in music since her teens and took Contemporer style. Joanna moved to New York to continue her musical career. At the age of 17, she followed a singing competition in New York and earned first prize. Her talent is not only in terms of singing but also an expert in playing the instrument, composing the song and designing costume. Joanna cooperated with many foreign musicians and performed many shows for charity events.

Eagle and Moon
Pan Mei Chen & Joanna Collaboration
Pan Mei Chen (Eagle), who was in New York happened to be invited to attend one of Joanna`s shows in New York. At that time, Pan Mei Chen noticed that the vocal of Joanna Moon could balance her vocal which is quite unique. They began to try the collaboration and eventually formed the "Eagle and Moon" in 2011. Their first album released on June 30, 2011. Eagle and Moon actively doing shows and concerts to various countries around the world.

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