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About Sing your heart
"Sing Your Heart" Charity Concert is held to raise money to help blind children at YPAB (The Foundation of Education for Blind Children) in Surabaya.

By doing this charity concert, Focus Media Entertainment (FME) will help to make a house (dorm) which is healthier and more comfortable for blind children living in YPAB (The Foundation of Education for Blind Children).

This concert is a collaborative appearances of blind children from YPAB (The Foundation of Education for Blind Children) with international artist Pan Mei Chen and Joanna Moon.
This activity is very helpful considering the existence of blind children in Indonesia in general and especially in Surabaya are still much neglected, rejected, discriminated, experiencing isolation, facing psychological and cultural barriers. Many children with disabilities are given by the family to orphanage or shelter house for various reasons. While the orphanage or shelter house also have difficulties to meet the various needs of those children.

Based on survey from the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of blind children in Indonesia reached 3.5 million people. When compared, it was almost equal to the number of residents in Singapore. Blindness in Indonesia ranks second in the world. Most blind children (visually impaired) are from poor families living in poor socio-economic areas.
Our Vision
To build awareness and care for less-fortunate children all over the world (so they can have better lives for brighter future)

Our Mission
To help blind children living at YPAB (Indonesia) to have healthier and more comfortable "home" to live in

Event Detail
Sing Your Heart Concert
Date : 14 May 2013
Time : 20.00
Place : Convention Hall, Grand City 3rd Floor, Grand City Convex Surabaya

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